January 12, 2011

20 weeks 1 day - HALFWAY THERE!!



To look up at that ticker and see a number that begins with a TWO... Wow. I'm so grateful and so thankful to have made it to 20 weeks! Baby and I are halfway there. There are no words to describe how excited DH and I are! We're not even halfway ready physically, but we're so ready emotionally!

In the next couple of weeks, I think, we'll start the guest bedroom/nursery transformation. It's currently a guest bedroom with piles and piles of her stuff, business stuff, and misc junk. I want to get it cleared out and organized for her! Realistically, I'd like to be 95% ready one week before finals (approx. by May 1st). Remember, I'm the OCD planner and that's my "goal" date I'm setting! Then, after finals are over for both DH and I, we (hopefully!) have a couple of weeks to wrap up any last minute details before we welcome her home!

So far, this pregnancy has been a breeze! I wish I could say that I've returned back to my usual workouts, but I haven't. My excuses include: the holiday craziness, buying a new car, stressing about buying a new car, waiting for my new car (details coming SOON!!), it's 25 degrees outside (I walk to the gym from my office), and I don't have access yet to the gym at home. Sounds pretty good huh?

I've continued to feel movement daily. These days she's pretty quiet. I feel her most in the mornings and at night. I think she's a pretty chill baby... for now!

I've started to SPEND MONEY on this little girl!! Luckily, mostly everything I've purchased are necessities! Details coming SOON!

We have chosen names! I have my favorite and DH has his! We'll take both to the hospital, meet our little girl, and give her the name that fits her best! Details coming SOON!

My mind has been in overdrive lately, because I have one available week left before Spring semester starts for me. I've been reading my books as much as I can and researching as much as I can! The BIG decision - we've decided we will CLOTH DIAPER!! So that has taken up most of my "researching" time!

Here's my 20 week bump pic! Sorry about my finger being in the way! I think I still look fat, rather than pregnant! The little indention in between what I call my "top bump" and "bottom bump" still exists! When it vanishes I'm sure I'll feel like I look PG! :)


  1. Oh! what cloth diapers are you using?! Heard lots of good things about GDiapers. I will tell you, as I tried using cloth diapers, you'll need help & a diaper service. Trust me. Especially in the first few weeks. But I know you can do it!

    20 weeks! Holy cow! So excited for you!!

  2. Melissa, I'll post details soon about our CD journey!! I hope I can prove you wrong, bc we will NOT be spending money on a diaper service! lol :)

  3. Glad everything is coming along! And I think you def. have a baby bump, looks so cute!