January 18, 2011

21 weeks and lots of baby updates!

Movement: I felt the baby from the outside for the first time on Thursday. I literally saw my arm move! Unfortunately, she hasn't been that active since, and DH hasn't had the privilege to feel her. Thursday is his birthday and I think, she's making him wait so she can give him her "gift"!

Cankles: I have cankles already. Nice. Isn't it a little too early for this? Ugh. So depressing. I MUST increase my water intake, decrease the salt, and start working out again!! Ugh. I have no other excuse! Honestly, I don't mind the cankles right now as they're covered up all of the time, but I'm really hoping my fingers aren't next. Fat fingers = no wedding rings = very very sad A.

Diaper Stash: We are 95% done with our NB (newborn) diaper stash!! I'm so giddy! I still need to research more on inserts and cloth wipes. Then, purchase both and we'll be 100% DONE for 0-3 months (maybe longer!).

DH's birthday: So, DH and I have never really been "gift" type of people. We always go out to a nice dinner, but rarely do gifts AND dinner! When you're both students (now with a baby on the way!) you realize materialistic items are in no way necessary in life! So this year, I wanted to surprise him with gifts! I've always known I was married to an amazing man, but I didn't think I'd realize he's even more amazing than I thought. With this pregnancy, he has been so thoughtful. He won't let me carry anything heavy including multiple loads of groceries up to our 2nd floor apartment. He constantly asks if our baby girl is/was active today. And he actually wants to go shopping if it entails anything for this baby! He gets as excited as me to get fluffy mail (cloth diapers) and to even put furniture together!! He truly amazes me.

So for his birthday, I thought really hard, and I realized how his frivolous spending on xbox360 games has completely disappeared. Now, he sells his games on craigslist and uses that money to buy a new USED one! He never buys new games anymore. Also, he used to spend about $100 a year or more on Xbox Live subscriptions. (This is required if you want to play "online" with people around the world.) He used to really enjoy playing with his "online" friends, but he hasn't purchased a new subscription in a very long time. I appreciate all of the money savings on his part so much!

I also started to realize that his personal time is about to completely diminish. I mean, he's not a party animal by any means, but when he's home on Saturday night, he's always playing his xbox360. It's probably the only thing he does for himself to "get away"!

I want him to have as much "personal" fun time as he can possibly get in before this baby comes. So, I bought him a 1 year subscription to Xbox Live. After this baby is born, I know it is going to be extremely exhausting, especially since he'll be home with her while I'm at work, so I will urge him to get in "his" time as often as he can! With this subscription, he'll be covered for one year!

I'll probably put a card on his subscription "from his daughter" and add a note that says something like "Daddy, You better enjoy this as much as you can before my arrival!"

And also as a fun gift from myself, I purchased this T-shirt from Cafe Press. We found this online one day very early on in this pregnancy, and he loved it. I can't wait to see his face when he unwraps this!

Nursery Furniture: After a trip to Ikea yesterday, we have one piece of furniture left to buy!! We have the crib, changing table, and the dresser/chest of drawers!! Since I'll be in class till 9 pm on DH's birthday, he says he's going to have his own little "party" at home and start to put all of the furniture together!! lol!

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  1. Wow, halfway there! Very cool.

    I got cankles too. What helped? putting them up at night and resting. I swear the swelling did go down.

    Loved the updates!