November 19, 2010

Uh oh...

So last night DH and I went out to dinner, did some shopping, and went grocery shopping. When we finally got home, I...correction... my uterus was aching so bad. I immediately jumped in bed and felt relief.

Then, this morning I noticed my belly looked bigger. Was it the fat filled dinner I ate last night or did all of that walking make my ute drop and stick out more?!?! I don't know.

Then, at work, I'm wearing probably my biggest most comfortable pair of scrub pants... I'm so uncomfortable! My belly is bulging out! I hope I'm retaining water or something. I'm not ready to be too big for my clothes right now. I'm only 12.5 weeks!! I'm going to gain 5 to 10 pounds next week, I just know it! And I'm going to be so miserable!


  1. oh stop being miserable!! you have waited for this moment forever...enjoy it!! :)

  2. :) If it makes you feel any better, I hit a very strange boated stage from weeks 12-14. I thought I had popped...until I woke up one morning and it was gone. Just...gone.
    Whether it's bloat or baby, enjoy it!