November 16, 2010

12 weeks

Some would consider today THE DAY...the safe zone. Some wait until this week is over and some wait even after that! I've decided to wait until Thanksgiving to change my mental note from "1st Trimester" to "2nd Trimester". If I make it to Thanksgiving, I'll have a lot to be thankful for! But, I did congratulate myself this morning for 3 months! I feel great to have made it this far.

I have been taking belly shots and I do think the belly is starting to stick out more! I'll post pics soon, I promise!

C, my good friend and coworker, did find the heartbeat on the doppler today! We tried at 11 weeks and couldn't find it. After today, I realized we may have been searching to high, because we found it very very low near my pubic bone. It was 166 BPM! So happy! I texted it to DH, but I think he's still in class. I can't wait to hear his response! He loves to "hear" news from the baby!

Symptoms are, for the most part, gone! My huge boobies are here to stay I'm sure. I've had a pesky headache for the past 3 days. Last night it was on the verge of migraine. I almost took Tylenol today, but luckily, it went away for the most part! I'm holding off on taking any meds unless I absolutely have to.

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