November 9, 2010

11 weeks

Instead of journaling today, I wanted to just ramble about how I'm feeling at this moment. I'm still incredibly grateful for making it this far. I'm also grateful for the easiness of this pregnancy so far! I battled nausea for 2-3 weeks and real bad indigestion for a few days, but other than that I've been fine! No vomiting, no scary cramping, and even my boob soreness is easing up.

The best moment this past week was actually two separate events. One, I talked with my mom via telephone this week and I actually learned that she wasn't sick at all with any of her pregnancies (4 total). I never knew! And she also craved chicken fried steak with her first pregnancy! So funny, because I've been craving that too!! And second, my husband's response and look on his face when he realized I had a baby bump! I actually call it my "night bump". I've noticed (because I've been taking belly pics) that in the morning I have a little bump, but at night, I have a baby bump!! I pulled up my shirt one night, sucked in my fat, and the response I received from DH was priceless!! I'll never forget the laugh we shared!

I'm really starting to stress about maternity clothes and scrubs for work. I'm at that point where I probably need to start buying some clothes and scrub pants. I may be able to hold off on the scrub pants for a couple/few more weeks, but they are getting tighter!

And lastly, I constantly stare at my baby's most recent u/s pic! I love it! I've stared at it so much that DH and I think it's a boy only because it looks like he's kicking a soccer ball! Or maybe a girl and a dancer like mommy was! :D Who knows?!?!

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