November 24, 2010

13 weeks (Thanksgiving Style)

I’m so thankful for…

- …making it to 13 weeks and being that much closer to the 2nd trimester.
- …the baby growing inside of me.
- …the IF journey DH and I endured for 3 years as it taught us many valuable traits that we will now carry into the next chapter in our lives.
- …my job (a.k.a my paycheck).
- …my Christmas Bonus I’m receiving on December 9th.
- …the opportunities my job has given me; to include being within arm’s reach of a fetal heart rate Doppler and ultrasound machine.
- …my boss who is by far the best boss I’ve ever worked for.
- …my friends and family who have supported us and held us up when we were down.
- …my blog readers who always make me smile and laugh.
- …Melissa with Prenate Essential who brought me a Nonfat White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks this morning. I heart her.
- …going through the 1st Trimester with no vomiting.
- …my in-laws who have already purchased our crib and changing table for us, and who are taking me shopping on Black Friday for maternity clothes. I love them so much.
- …my hubby who possesses a twinkle in his eye at the sight of anything reminding him of this baby, and who does so much for me around the house to include all of the laundry and washing the dishes. What would I do without him?
- …my two dogs who always know how to cuddle on my lap and make me smile. I can’t wait to introduce them to this baby.
- …all of the young moms around me who are wishing me the best and who are doing their best to prepare me for motherhood.
- …the maternity pants I broke down and purchased this week. They are so much more comfortable than the pre-pregnancy jeans I was trying so hard to squeeze into.
- …Mandy, my TTC buddy from TB, who always takes the time out of her busy day to write me a very long email. Hopefully we’ll be PG buddies very soon!!!
- …school. It has taught me how important my college education is.
- …all of the many things I have to be thankful for.

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