December 22, 2009

The Uncertainty

I told DH this week that I'm actually content with our future being so uncertain. There are so many decisions we're going to have to make in the next couple of years. The biggest - where DH will decide to go to school. We've always expected that we'd be moving out of Texas; however, ever since I entered back onto the workforce, I've expressed my concerns with moving and leaving this opportunity behind. One of the fabulous qualities about my DH is that he's so understanding and even when it's not necessary, he puts my needs in front of his. I love him.

So the future is uncertain. We're living life day by day. All I can wish is that we are able to focus at the objective at hand and not allow our "wants" or "desires" to cloud our necessities.

DH will be sending off his college applications in the next couple of weeks....

It's also uncertain if we'll ever be able to start the family we so desperately desire. It's uncertain if we should right now considering all we're going through.

I've been charting and my temp has been high, so I may have O'd but I'm positive we didn't BD around the right time if I did O.

I'm no longer participating in the clinical research study in Chicago. I'm unable to travel to Chicago with my new job, so unfortunately I had to withdraw. I'm really bummed about it, because I thoroughly enjoyed Chicago (Michigan Ave to be exact!) and I looked forward to attributing to the study of PCOS. If you have PCOS, PLEASE consider participating in this study and attributing to the study and, hopefully, the ability to find a cure for this horrible syndrome!! All expenses are PAID and you get paid nearly $1K just for participating!!!

So things are uncertain... and I'm looking forward to making some major life altering decisions in 2010!


  1. What does your hubby want to go to school for? Do you have a link to info on the study?

  2. Uncertainty can be scary but it is also a great test of your faith. I have faith things will work out for you guys. Always thinking of you!

  3. Physics. I think the website is