July 7, 2009

I got fed up and went into overdrive

I've been having a real hard time with deciding what to do as our TTC conceive journey progresses. I know I have an issue - some kind of ovary dysfunction. Could be the PCOS, could be something else - not sure. At this point, the Clomid isn't looking like it's gonna help all that much. If it does, it brings a little more than ovulation joy - cysts!

On Sunday, AF showed - about a week earlier than I expected! So we found ourselves having to make a decision fast! Dh was very hesitant to double the dose to 50 mg and try Clomid again. He really doesn't want me to get another cyst. I totally feel the same way; however, ironically, I'm hoping (in the back of my mind) that it does bring me another cyst, because at least, then, I'll have answers - CLOMID DOESN'T WORK for me! ... and we can move onto whatever is next!

So I'm CD3 today and will be taking my first Clomid tonight. Please cross your fingers, pray, and/or send very good thoughts my way! I'm afraid I will end up with a cyst, but I really really need to think positive.

If this cycle ends with a BFN and/or a cyst then we've made the decision to jump into an RE's office! I'm ready! I have already found a highly recommended RE in my area, filled out all of the new patient forms/paperwork, and scheduled an appointment for July 31st!!!

I've been reading up and talking with many ladies who have been in my situation before and it seems like injectables may be the treatment plan that is proposed to us. Insurance coverage and $$$ is going to be a huge hurdle for us. Dh starts school in the fall and he's planning on taking 4-5 classes, which means more $$$ needing to be spent.

We'll see what happens, but I'm hopeful this will all work out! I'm super excited for July 31st now!

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  1. Im praying that the Clomid helps you out and that this leads to your BFP cycle. Cant wait to follow your cycle and see how it works out. Thinking of you