July 13, 2009

Back on the Rollercoaster

AF arrived for the second time in 2 weeks - yup. Un-F'ing-believable. I'm positive I have another cyst. My last "cyst cycle" was 15 days... this one only 7 days! Wow - what an achievement!

Well, at this point, I probably won't go in for a CD21 check. There's no point when I won't have a CD21, I'm positive I have another cyst, and my first appt with the RE is July 31st, where they will perform a sonogram anyways. Then hopefully after the cyst is gone, they will move me onto something new - maybe injectables!?!?!?

I did find some good in all of this though...... my birthday is Friday and I was NOT going to have any alcoholic beverages! Hehe, not anymore! My ILs are coming up to visit us and I'm so excited! I hope they don't mind a belligerent inebriated A, because I'm soooooo gonna need a drink after this week!


  1. Ugh..AF's are crazy and suc...mine came this morning after exactly 50 days...fun and its making up for lack time....great

  2. UGH! Just F-ing Fantastic huh?!

    I say go with your Gut instincts on the cyst. Good luck on the appt.

    I also say, have a GREAT time celebrating your birthday! It only comes once a year!

  3. Oh no, that sucks! Im sorry.

    Happy early Birthday...and drink up girl, you deserve it!