July 10, 2009

CD5 and strange things happening

I've been having some really weird and odd pains near my ovaries. Sensations I've never felt before. At times they are a little painful and very noticeable and at other times, they are faint, but still unrecognizable. Usually I do not have sensations near my ovaries until about CD10, so this is really strange.

AND, my temps are super high. WTF? I took a PG test this morning just to be sure and of course, BFN. I have no idea what my body is trying to tell me. Could I have O'd last cycle? No!? I know Clomid can do some weird things to your temps, but geez, this has never happened before!?

Dh and I are trying to be VERY good, here on out. We're doing our absolute best to limit our nights eating out, which will limit all of the fatty foods and alcohol! We're eating Organic, when available and we're actually going to Whole Foods tomorrow to buy our fresh meat for the week! I'd like to stay away from as many processed foods as possible. I'm doing pretty good I think.

I was talking with the ladies on one of my fav forums and I was sharing how I'd like to get down to my wedding day weight, which is only 13-14 pounds away! I couldn't believe it's only 13-14 pounds! I had to pull my fingers out and start counting again, because that had to have been wrong!

I'm loving this feeling!

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