March 6, 2009

TTC Update

I suppose it’s time for an update, as I haven’t blogged about it much since we started a new cycle. Honestly, I think this speaks volumes. I’ve been pretty relaxed about this cycle and haven’t gotten sucked into to checking all orifices for “signs”. I haven’t even started to OPK, and I’m not even sure I will this cycle. Hopefully being relaxed and maybe a bit lazy will bring us our BFP this cycle. It's CD11 today and I have my follicle check scheduled for Monday.

I’ll be away from DH this weekend, unfortunately. I’ll be traveling to Austin (yes, I said I would never go back) to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend. This will be the first time I’ve seen her girls in 3 very long years and I’m sooooooooo excited. Taylor (the oldest) is the only one who has a good memory of us and she’s been wanting to see us since my best friend and I reconnected. Taylor and I are going to go grab dinner together tonight while her Mom and sisters are at a Girl Scout event. I’m so giddy! Dh will have to wait to see them until our next visit....

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  1. Good luck this cycle and I hope you have some good follies going at your u/s on Monday!