March 13, 2009

Living with a cyst

It really sucks knowing there’s a big fluid filled sac in my abdomen. Having no idea if it’s getting larger or smaller sucks even more. Dh usually cuddles with me at night and he’s been hesitant to do so, because of the cyst. He usually puts a lot of pressure on my stomach area and I have to adjust. He must have a heavy arm! I’ve purchased two pairs of stretchy pants, because I’m a little afraid to wear my jeans that aren’t exactly loose. I’m trying not to let it run my life, but it’s really starting to be an inconvenience.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I had not briefed myself about what having a cyst means, so I had no idea what to ask the doctor on Monday. I’ve learned that a lot of women who get cysts are put on BCP to aid in its departure.

When I met with the doctor on Monday he wasn’t hesitant to agree with the Nurse Practioners’ suspicion that I may have PCOS. His response of “Yup, you probably have it.” after discussing the cyst convinced me that I do indeed have it and I need to face it. So, I’ve been reading up on PCOS too. It seems most PCOS’ers are prescribed a drug called Metformin to balance their hormones. On the right dosage, most women commence normal menstrual cycles in as little as 2 – 3 months. Why was I not given this option? Why was Clomid pushed into my mouth so soon?

This has been eating me up for a few days, so I’ll probably bring this concern to my doctor and see what they say. I’d love to start Metformin now if it would assist with getting rid of the cyst. I’m hesitant to return back to taking Clomid. I now know Clomid causes cysts for me, so why would I even try a lower dose – it scares me.


  1. I hope you get the cyst thing figured out and that you can also talk further with your doctor on the usage of Clomid vs. Met. I only used Clomid and dont know anything about Met but it looks like the latter has some benefits in regulating hormones, which would be helpful.

    Im sorry you're going through this, hang in there!

  2. Gosh, I hope Metformin works to get rid of that stupid cyst. And WTH! The freakin' Clomid. I hope everything gets figured out so you wouldn't have to worry about such things.