May 5, 2011

Never will it be the same...

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Many emotions have been running through my body about how things are about to change so drastically. It's been just DH and I for 10 years! We starting dating in 2001 and I can remember distinctly that we were completely inseparable. We spent every waking and available moment with each other, and honestly, things haven't changed much since then! We'll be married 6 years in October.

Our days of it being just him and I are numbered, and that makes me a little sad. It's about to change in a major way and it will never be the same. One of my online friends mentioned that things will just transition into a "new normal" and I love to look at it that way!

[Don't read these words wrong. DH and I are over-freakin-joyed to be PG (finally!) and to be expecting the arrival of our first child!]

DH has shown me a completely different side of himself to me in the last 9 months. Every available conversation is baby related in some shape or form. He's so involved in the nursery planning, shopping, etc. He's never wanted to SHOP with me more than now! He's constantly asking about her movement and activity on a daily basis. He still gets a kick out of feeling her movements! I'm so incredibly lucky to have this man who genuinely cares about me and his daughter. I can't wait to see him holding his daughter.

DH has managed to mentally, emotionally, and physically prepare for his first child during this Spring semester and his grades are still remarkably high! I'm so proud of him. DH will be off and at home with our daughter till August 20th, when he'll start the Fall semester and take four classes. He will be in school Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and on Tuesdays and Thursdays he'll be home with our baby girl! I'm so jealous. She will be in in-home daycare those 3 days a week with my dear friend, H, who takes care of 4 toddlers (one is her own)!

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