May 20, 2011

Induction is on the calendar

Unfortunately, my OB is VERY proactive with getting his deliveries on his schedule. I wish he wasn't, because it stresses me out big time. I'm not ready to surrender to an induction, but I went ahead and put a day on the calendar - June 2nd.

As of right now, my cervix is not favorable, so I would be required to go in the night before for cervadil (cervical ripening) and induction would be first thing the next morning. Induction means pitocin, which I fear and needing the cervical ripening makes me fear the increased odds for a c-section.

I am praying she comes on her own! I need to go into labor on my own. Did I mention I fear induction?

So what have I been doing to "assist"? Lots of things!

37 weeks
Started more regular DTD
Started drinking 3-4 bags a day of RRL tea
Started walking every 1-3 days
Started sitting and bouncing on an exercise ball (I don't know if this one does anything productive, but it's fun!)

38 weeks
All of the above and
Started inserting 2000 mg EPO vaginally every night

I may increase the EPO to 3000 mg since my cervix is showing no progress.


  1. Come on baby!!

    So, I noticed spicy foods like cumin/comino helped my contractions start up and water did break the night I had a spicy chicken sandwich. Go figure.

    There's a whole lot of time before June 2. Who knows?! {hugs!}

  2. Is there any news, you must update more, its driving me a little crazy!!!

    Come on Baby!!

  3. LOL!! Still here. Still pregnant.