August 31, 2010

Officially, overwhelmed.

Back to school time always stresses me out. I’m reminded every day that it’s so expensive to go to college and in my household, there are TWO adults attending college. We had to buy DH a bike this weekend, so he can get to and from school during the week. That was $100 spent. Our textbooks were about $800 combined. School clothes for DH... school supplies... ugh. All while paying $650 a month to TCU for DH’s tuition – our OOP portion, not to mention the debt we’re going into from his student loans! Yes, I’m complaining, but I’m reminded that we’re doing this all for good reasons. Someday I’ll be sitting at the spa blowing hundreds of dollars, thinking about how much we sacrificed, and I’ll be proud. So for now, I just need to suck it up!!

Fall semester officially started yesterday. I have 3 classes this semester. I’m hoping I can handle 3 classes and, if so, I’ll continue to take 3 per semester. That’s the plan and we’re sticking to it! If and when I get PG we’ll reconstruct the plan for post-baby!

CD11 for me. Waiting to O, still. Temps look ok. This morning's temp was way low. I was colder than usual, so I guess I'll wait to see what tomorrow brings. I am having dull pains around my ovaries, so that’s good news, I hope! The Femara when down easy. I had a couple of headaches in the evenings, but other than that, nothing. Just waiting... Story of my life....

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