August 18, 2010

CD 99

I haven’t had a cycle this long in over 2 years. Scary.

I did have a NuvaRing, so I inserted it a couple of weeks ago. I’m hoping to “reset” my cycle and get AF to arrive. DH and I have gone back and forth with our decision to “actively” TTC or to “naturally” TTC. As of late, we’ve sat closer to the “actively”. We’ll try Femara with our next cycle. I’m hoping Metformin and Femara is my miracle combination. I’m hoping to O and to be given “my chance” to conceive.

We’ll see.

I’ve kept up with my work outs. Still working on the eating part. Dinner gets me every time. Especially when DH and I go out to dinner. With school starting next week I’m hoping the “going out” to dinner becomes impossible and I’m forced to eat at home.

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