August 21, 2010


AF arrived today and I'm ready to jump back on the roller coaster! I was so excited to see AF, I woke up DH from a nap!! He smiled really big and gave me a big kiss! Hehehe!

I can't believe AF arrived only 3 days after stopping the BC. Usually with Provera, it takes 6-7 days for AF to arrive! And when I was on BCP years ago, AF would arrive after 7 days of stopping the last hormone pill. I wonder what that means - that AF arrived so soon?

This cycle - Femara CD 3-7! No monitoring. :( Crossing my fingers!

I found this article this week and it gave DH and I a lot of new hope! It reads like it speaks directly to us and my PCOS.

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  1. That is awesome news!! Crossing my fingers and toes that it works!!!!