June 3, 2010


So I missed my 3 hour glucose test on the 22nd. I was out with friends having a grand ole' time the Friday night prior to the test. I was ordered to eat or drink nothing after midnight. At midnight I had a beer in hand, and after midnight I had another one. I have NO self discipline what.so.ever.

I rescheduled the test to this following Saturday and I'm happy to say I made it to that appointment!! Hoping to get some results soon!!! I'm actually hoping my insulin levels were elevated, so I get the clearance to take Metformin. I actually accidentally ate two breath mints on the way to my appointment. Oops!! I wonder if it messed with the results at all.

As of Monday, I've started taking a new supplement called, FertilAid. I've read mixed reviews on it. Many of the positive reviews I've read state ovulation was restored, so I was sold immediately! Some of the negative reviews state it messed up their cycles completely. I don't think mine can mess up any further, but I'll keep an eye on changes.

I'm excited and feel a little more hopeful!! At this point, I just want to restore ovulation! That's all I'm asking for! Next, will be keeping ovulation regular, then we'll move onto trying for that BFP (maybe!?) .... :D

Summer semester started on Tuesday, so my life is hectic.....again!

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