June 17, 2010

Finally..... METFORMIN!!!!

Well, it took nearly one whole month, but finally I have my hands are METFORMIN!!!

My 3 hour Glucose results came back abnormal, which oddly enough is what I was hoping! My glucose levels were fine; however, my insulin was not. So they diagnosed me as Insulin Resistant. Thankfully, I have educated myself on these findings and I wasn't freaked out at all by the news. Unlike, my mother who said "You have Type 2 Diabetes!!" She's an RN and educates diabetics who have Type 2 Diabetes! Whatever, Mom. This time you're wrong. The nurse reassured me I do not have Type 2 Diabetes. I could get it in the future and/or when I become pregnant, so I have to take all of this seriously!

I will take 500 mg for one week, then 1000 mg for a week, and then finally 1500 mg for the 3rd week and every day thereafter. I've been reading a lot about the side effects from my fellow PCOS'ers and honestly, I'm a little scared about the stomach issues. It seems I'll need to take with a meal, with plenty of water, and at dinner for my first week. Some have major issues when consuming alcohol. I shouldn't be drinking anyways, so I'll cut my alcohol intake and stick to a glass of wine with dinner for special dinner dates, etc. We'll see...

I'm really excited to see how it helps me! I've heard many success stories and I've heard "Metformin did nothing" for me. Crossing my fingers.


  1. It was hard in the beginning and it took awhile for my body to adjust. It even help me loose weight ;)
    Now that I am pregnant they are keeping me on to prevent gestational diabetes and he said it is healthier for the baby.
    They had me taking 2000mg a day, 2 500mg pills in the am and 2 500mg pills in the pm. I wonder if they will boost your dose?
    I'm so happy for you, finally some answers!

  2. I hope you get the good parts without the bad parts!