March 25, 2010

My life as I knew it forever changed

I hate making a choice or decision as a result of something I witnessed on TV, on the news, or a movie. In this case, it was a documentary that changed my life. It wasn’t solely the documentary. I have always walked through life and crossed paths with “small mentions” of what the documentary focused on and I’ve already implemented small changes into my life that affected my daily habits; however, the documentary, Food Inc., was the last, not so subtle, mention that finally made me take the huge jump to change the rest of my life.

I hope this blog isn’t “preachy”. I hope to never ever preach what I now believe. I hope to never come across as “I eat better than you. Why don’t you eat like me!?” I’m still learning and I’m very very much a newbie at this, but I’m taking it one step at a time. I’m researching, reading, and asking questions. One day I hope to be able to answer questions confidentially and accurately.

Here’s only a tiny bit of what I’ve learned. These statements are what I wish I had known years ago...

- approximately 75% of all processed food contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms). A GMO example, the genes from an arctic flounder, which has “antifreeze” properties may be spliced into a tomato to prevent frost damage. (From  In the US, there are no laws requiring foods and products containing GMOs to be labeled. The effect of GMOs in humans have not been thoroughly tested. Animal feeding studies have resulted in pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy or increased density of the liver, odd shaped cell nuclei and other unexplained anomalies, false pregnancies and higher death rates.(From NonGMOShoppingGuide) It’s a completely different story in Europe where more vigorous testing has been performed. Most of Europe is GMO-Free. Why aren’t we!?!?

- At “processing” plants and slaughters, pigs are being “herded” by machines, suffocated, and then “processed”. The disgusting sound of high pitched shrieking before being suffocated will never leave my memory.

- Cows are grass-fed animals; however, in the US, farmers are feeding these animals corn filled with supplements, antibiotics, and growth hormones. The vision of live fearful cows being moved around by a fork lift, because the cow can no longer stand on its own legs (due to the weight of its own body) will also never leave my memory for as long as I live. It’s inhumane and all for MONEY! more information on beef

- It’s the same story with chickens. They are raised in large farm houses. They never see the light of the sun. They are not allowed to roam free. Only allowed to grow while being packed one on top of another. They walk in each others feces and on top of other dead carcasses that have died because they too cannot walk because of the weight put on their joints. It’s inhumane and again, all for the most MONEY!

I was slowly killing myself and my family. My life has changed. I will no longer support disrespect to animals and GMOs (until it is more thoroughly tested in humans). I will eat Organic whenever possible. I will nourish my body. And I will teach my children the same.

Here are a couple of articles written involving our children and our fertility: GMOs linked to Infertility | Avoiding GMOs in Your Baby's Food Source

And more: GMOs Linked to Organ Failure

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