March 15, 2010

The Bright Side - “only” 35 days

It’s become a little old, I suppose, to complain about not O’ing or no BFP, so I’m looking at the bright side of things.... this cycle was only 35 days long. Pretty good, eh!? Last year at this time, I would have been amongst my 150 day cycle. Then, I saw “regularity” in 40 days. Now, 35 days. Pretty Cool.

My stress level has risen almost back to the level it was a few months ago. Dh’s transfer decision is really really stressing me out. I work for a very very caring doctor who is very aware of dh’s transfer opportunities. Last week he blatantly asked me, “So has he made a decision yet!?” My answer turned into two solid days of “college decision” conversation. I got no work done! Ugh.

I need to be confident dh will make the right decision for all of the right reasons. I would love to stay in Texas for another couple of years; however, it’s not entirely my decision. If moving somewhere else so he can get a better education is realistic financially, then why not move!? It’s just such a big decision. The idea was so easy to fantasize about; however, now that I know he’s been accepted to now TWO out of state colleges (Yes, University of Pittsburgh says accepted too!) and we could very well be moving.... it’s freaking me out.

Is it the right decision? Will I be able to find a job? Will I like my job? Will we be able to find an affordable place to live? Will dh get the best education wherever he chooses? Will we be happy?

It’s very overwhelming.

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