January 28, 2010

Wow. Really? My chart.

Take a look at my chart. I'm not sure it's ever looked this good. I did nothing this cycle. Just relaxed, stress free (for the most part) and trying to do my best at enjoying life.

It looks impressive. I've been deceived many times in the past and it's hard to say the words "I Ovulated." So I'm taking it day by day. When will I be convinced? I dunno.

Dh is excited though. It's great to feel like we may have A CHANCE this cycle. I've never felt like I had "a chance" due to being annov.


  1. What a surprise! I am so excited for you... I hope a little relaxation and distraction was all that was needed :)

  2. Oh Cool! you ovulated! So excited for you! This cycle is very hopeful :)