January 19, 2010

School & Prayers

I started school today - college. Wow. I haven't been in college in 8 years! I've been dreading it, because "available time" is non-existent at the moment; however, today (of all days) I was actually giddy about it! I actually considered putting blogging off till tomorrow just so that I could do my school work, even though it's not even due till Monday! Hah! This is going to be a very interesting time in my life.

Prayers - It absolutely amazes me that people pray for dh and I and our journey of dealing with infertility. I am just so surprised to hear that someone prays for us daily. Wow. Picture my jaw hitting the ground ...and unable to pick it up. That's me.

If you pray for me, thank you!


  1. Hurray to school! You can do it! Gosh, it's so exciting. Good luck!

    I'm amazed too at all the people who tell me they pray for us & actually do it. Sends the mind to wondering...wow.

  2. Congrats on going back to school, you rock!

    I have you on my daily prayer list, the power of prayer is amazing!