September 9, 2009

Still wishing and hoping

Despite how close we are to starting this clinical trial, I'm still holding onto to hope that just maybe someday I'll O on my own!

I haven't been religiously charting. I've been temping every few days or so. I'm on CD16 with no EWCM or O pains; however, my temps are looking great! I've got a perfect slope downward! Now I'm just wishing and hoping that my temp spikes up! It would be a miracle, really!


  1. Hey girl! Just catching up on your updates. Im so glad your HSG went good, woohoo for clear tubes! Im hoping you O on your own but if not, Im really optimistic about the start of your clinical trial.

    Always thinking of you!!!!

  2. Sometimes charting takes the life out of me, but good for you!

    Huuray on the temps! Praying for an O on your own real soon!!