September 24, 2009

Visit #2

According to my study paperwork, tomorrow's visit to my RE will be Visit #2.

They will take urine for a PG test (to confirm a BFN) and they will give me 5 tablets (assuming Provera) to take for 5 days. Usually, I would be rx'd 10 tablets (taking 2 each day); however, this time it's only one tablet, so this should be very interesting whether AF shows or not. If AF doesn't show after 10 days, I'll still be able to start the study.

Visit #3 will be on CD3!

In other news, I haven't started my new job yet. I had to do a preemployment drug screen on Monday, so I'm waiting on those results to hear an official start date. Hopefully it's very soon. I'm going nuts with all of the spare time on my hands!


  1. Im glad your process is under way. Lets hope AF shows up on time so you can move to visit #3!

  2. I'm glad your process is underway and hoping you can move forward soon. :-D