May 7, 2009

All is good

I heard from my doctor's nurse today, FINALLY. I missed her call at 4:29 pm yesterday. She must have left the office at 4:30 pm, frustrating. Because I called her right back when I saw the missed call. Oh well. She called today while I was on the elliptical at the gym. Yup, I answered it! I wasn't gonna miss her call again.

She said that my doctor says that all of the images looked great and there was no cause for concern. I am able to take 25 mg of Clomid if I want to. I'm still undecided, actually. I didn't ask about the Metformin, because I'm crossing my fingers and toes that I actually O on my own this cycle.

During my sonogram, I saw three "larger sized" follicles, one appearing to be mature at 2 cm or so. I wanted the doctor to confirm this, but all the nurse said was that there were "multiple follicles". Well, DUH! Were they mature? dominant? small? Sometimes I wish I went into the medical field....

Today is CD16 and I've been having some pretty strong pains/feelings near my left ovary. They progressed into quick sharp pains that I have never felt before. I did have EWCM and a little bit of spotting this morning, so I'm very very hopeful I am O'ing on my own! Unfortunately, cervix still feels closed and firm, grrrr.

My body loves to play tricks on me, so I'll hope, but not too much.

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