April 26, 2009

We're packing!!!!

Can you believe it?? In our current one bedroom, 700 square feet apartment, there is NO room to store towers of boxes, so we've had to find some clever places to place them, so we're not tripping on boxes for the next few weeks. 

Yeah, it may be a little early to be packing, but if you know me by now, you know I'm a planner!! I consider us "very experienced movers". We have it figured out to a science. I do my best to clean and organize everything before I start packing boxes to ensure all items inside a box are related and go in the same place. Once they are unpacked, they are ready to be put where they belong (which is marked on the box!) and ready to be used! It doesn't always happen like this but I do my very best! The last few boxes we pack the day before the big move day end up being miscellaneous thrown together boxes. We usually move everything in one day, and I mean EVERYTHING! We're not slow, "a little bit at a time" movers. We like to get it over with in one day!

We're hoping to move in the weekend of May 30th or June 6th. It all depends on when we get the keys. We may get the keys EARLY, and I'm so excited! We weren't suuposed to get the keys until June 1st, but the owner is going to let us have the keys the weekend of May 16th or the 23rd!  Wahoo!!  Hoping the 16th, because this gives us more time to paint!! Yes! The owner is allowing us to paint! I've chosen this color. It's called Raffia Cream by Behr! 

The house currently has a yellow in the living room, a blue in the bathroom, dark grey in the guest bedroom and dark green in the study. I'm not too happy with any of the colors, so we'll just paint everything a nuetral color that will hopefully match everything!! 


  1. Im so excited for you guys to move, how fun! I hope everything goes good with the packing, moving and painting, cant wait to see pics!

  2. Oh wow! That's awesome!! Packing is a pain but oh so worth it where you are moving too. Fabulous place!