April 12, 2009

New Home

I’ve been known to act on things way before necessary. What can I say, I’m a planner. I plan way ahead than I’m supposed to. Oh well. Just call me organized and overly prepared!

Our lease is up in 2 months and we are 110% positive we’ll be moving from our very cozy 1 bedroom apartment into a rental home. We’ve rented a home before and we miss it very much.

Unfortunately, I have some restrictions with our next home. It must have a Formal Dining Room AND room for a dedicated office space. One is a need (the office) and one is a want (the dining). Our families are large and very close, so I’m hoping to utilize the formal dining for Thanksgiving AND Christmas this year. We will also need a Guest Room. So all in all, we are looking for a 3 bedroom home, with a separate study (or formal living to use as an office), and a formal dining. We’re hoping to find a home with at least 1700 sq ft and a 2 car garage.

Last week, I was snooping on craigslist and found the perfect home! Everything we were looking for, but it was over our budget at $1300/month. It was P-E-R-F-E-C-T, but I had to pass it up, because of the high rent. I pouted and never looked back. Today, again I’m snooping, just looking to see what’s available......and I see the listing again, except this time it’s $1200 a month!! Now we’re talking.....I can afford a $100 monthly savings!

Long story short, we ended up talking to the owner today and visiting the property for a viewing! It was beautiful! We’re beginning the application process tomorrow. I don’t want to jinx myself, so I’m saving the details till after we find out if we’re approved. Crossing my fingers....


  1. Oh this is so exciting, cant wait to see how it works out!

    Also, I noticed you're Frugal Coupon Living button on the side, I love that site. I am a huge coupon/rebate/extra buck/ etc shopper myself. I even keep track of my yearly savings. I also like this site, too!


  2. How awesome is that?! I hope everything works out.

    We're looking for a place too. I hadn't thought about Craigslist!

    Love your layout!