April 7, 2009

Best Friends Forever

Yes, they are still attached - my right ovary and it's new friend - a 5 cm cyst. Yes, it's decreased in size, which I thank God! The doctor is optimistic it will go away on it's own. It's no longer a questionable Tumor. It's benign and an Ovulatory Cyst. The fact that it's decreasing in size is a very good sign and frankly, I'm very thankful. I am a little upset that it hasn’t disappeared, but I'm grateful for what I've been given and that's a smaller cyst. I go back in another 4 weeks to see what it has done. Please keep praying!

I came home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I asked my husband "Why?" and he says "Just Because!" Of course, I wonder if he's been thinking we may receive bad news today and he was trying to cushion the fall. The flowers are beautiful and quite fragrant! I sat down in my office and smelt the fragrance immediately. I thought to myself "Dang, it smells good in here!" - ignoring the fact that it actually smelt good and not the usual bad. It wasn't until I placed a business receipt on one of my shelves and realized someone had moved a stack of books and piled them on my 2008 receipts (waiting to be dealt with). Then I noticed a big bouquet of lilies on the shelf above! It was a beautiful and quite uplifting surprise! :)


  1. Im glad the cyst is getting smaller and will continue to keep you in my prayers as it goes away. And flowers? What a great DH!

  2. I'm glad the cyst is getting smaller! Hopefully it will be gone by your next appointment. Can your DH give some pointers to my DH?

  3. I'm glad to hear the cyst is getting smaller. I hope it's gone by your next appointment.

    What a sweet hubby you have!