October 16, 2011

Late and Late

I've said it too many times, and I'm very upset with myself this time. I.have.no.time.to.blog. It makes me very sad. I wanted my blog to be another way for me to document this time in my life... ugh. I must do better and I will do my best, pinky swear.

So, I've combined Aiyana's 4 month and 3 month posts.

What I do not want to forget about her at 3 months:
- She found her left hand. She will hold out her fist in front of her face, then open her hand, then close her fist and start this all over again! It's funny...
- She started to reach out for toys with her left hand
- First swim on August 13, 2011
- Made her first lifetime friend

And at 4 months...

- She mastered the smile. If you smile at her, she will always return a smile back... even in the middle of a while!
- She started to lean and reach out for me when I get home from work/school. She doesn't have great control in her upper body or her arms, so of course this is a very sloppy movement, but still, cute as can be and make Mommy totally melt.
- She's tolerating tummy time more and holding her head up better when on her tummy. She tolls over from her back to her belly one week shy of the 4 month mark.
- She went to her first Texas Rangers game where we won the AL West! I hope to be able to tell her we went on to win the World Series that year! ;)
- ...and this month she has definitely graduated into the "Chubby" category! 

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  1. I thought was a post about being "late" as in your monthly friend was "late" and you had news. But now I see it just involves a cutie pie girl ;-)