May 11, 2010


Finals are over!! I lived through my first college semester since "my voluntary leave" ...... um, 8 years ago or so! I'm very proud of myself for going back to college, taking it seriously and establishing goals. My official grades won't be posted until Friday, but I'm 100% positive that I got an A in Comp I - a 97 to be exact - toot toot!! In order to get an A in College Algebra I needed to make an A on the final. Eeeeck! So I won't know what that grade is until Friday. Ugh.

After learning Ultrasound Tech school was only taught during the daytime hours, I went with my Plan B, which is Radiology Tech, ... but then I learned the schedule is also during the day. UGH!! So I've decided to just go for my Bachelors Degree in Biology. You can't go wrong with having your bachelors and I can use the few college credits I obtained 8 years ago towards it! And I've heard from my colleagues you can *always* find a job in healthcare industry with a degree in Biology. Yay - SOLD!!

DH will be attending TCU in the fall, so we've been focusing on housing and where we'll be moving soon! With only one vehicle, it is absolutely necessary we live within walking/biking/busing distance. The search is not going well. We pay $600 in rent today for a 2/2 apartment. We know we got a good deal, but we wanted to find a rental home in the area for around $800-$950/month. We didn't realize how hard that was going to be. After stressing about it, we've finally decided we need to stay in an apartment and pay the least amount of money possible. When we had to move from our beautiful rental house and back into an apartment because we couldn't afford to pay the $1200 monthly payment, it was a huge wake up call for us. We didn't prepare for what could happen - the business under performing, unexpected financial expenses, etc. etc. We just wore the blindfold like it was trendy!

We WANT a house, but we NEED to pay off our debt! We know this, but we still continue to allow our "wants" to overwhelm our "needs". And if we rent a house and get the greatest gift of all (a BFP), then I don't want to be put in the exact situation we were in - can't afford the rent, move into a small apartment. I don't want that to happen.

So we're going to look at apartments on Friday and I'm actually pretty excited about it!

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