February 6, 2016

IVF #1 Underway

The birth control pills and I were BFFs for 2 weeks. Then... we decided to dissolve our relationship. I have to admit this break up occurred a little quicker than I anticipated; however, I was ecstatic! The birth control pills gave me a constant headache, and I never stopped bleeding! I bled for 15+ days!

The IVF nurse was concerned about my symptoms, so she discussed this with my RE. They decided it may be best to take me off of the birth control. However, there was a concern for the readiness of my uterus and ovaries. So, they had me come in for an ultrasound to take a look. Ultrasound showed calm uterine lining and calm ovaries (and one pesky cyst!). I was freaked out that the cyst would delay our start, but, thankfully, we were given a bright green light!! I was to stop the bcp and start Follistim in 2 days! I was thrilled!

Finally, 'let's get this show on the road'!! 

Baseline E2 and u/s:
E2 = 'less than 5' ... They shoot for 'less than 90', so this was perfect! [There's that damn P word again.]
2.3 mm uterine lining
23 antral follicles - right ovary
16 antral follicles - left ovary

IVF #1 protocol (so far):
Days 1-3:  Follistim (225 IU)
E2 = 87
Days 4-7: [decreasing] Follistim to 150 IU, [adding] Menopur 75 IU
Day 6 monitoring u/s (results below)
Day 8 u/s = ??? (on Sunday)

Day 6 ultrasound (after 5 days of treatments):
6.6 mm uterine lining
21 follicles - right ovary (average size 8 - 9 mm)
20 follicles - left ovary (average size 7-9 mm)

These follicles counts are pretty high, which is expected with my PCOS. On a normal day, I have multiple follicles in my ovaries. The injections are speaking directly to these follicles and instructing them to grow! And, they are growing! We'll find out more tomorrow!

So far, so good! 

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  1. Oh man! Good luck and sending you lots of good vibes this cycle!