May 27, 2012

Post Birthday Party Day

There's a pile of pinwheels in the trash - pinwheels John and I spent many late nights creating by hand. :( It's so hard to throw them away, but it's silly to hold onto 50+ pinwheels as keepsakes. Such a sad feeling. I refused to throw away her flag banner, so we hung it in her room for her to enjoy!

NOW I completely understand the 1st Birthday Denial - when Moms choose to ignore the rapid growth of their newborn and adopt the strong denial of toddler-hood.

Yesterday was Aiyana's party, and it was an EXTREMELY stressful and exhausting day. I have little ability to delegate, and I attempt to take on too much. I have a perfect vision, and I don't stop short of making it a reality. By party time, I wasn't in the best of moods. :( I tried to avoid the bad mood by planning this party MONTHS ahead of time, but I waited till the last minute to start making decisions. :( Oh well. I won't dwell. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful party for Aiyana, and no one even noticed what was "missing" because I ran out of time! :P

Today, I'm experiencing something called relaxation and it's SO strange. I keep thinking "There's something I should/could be doing right now!" AND I'm off from work tomorrow.... my body might go into convulsions soon. :)

Her actual birthday is on Thursday. John and I plan to continue celebrating on Wednesday night when we'll take her to a Ranger game, and on Thursday when we'll have a family picnic at the park, depending on the heat. :) 

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