July 21, 2011

Quick update and Sleep

I realize I haven't blogged in while. I was really hoping my blog wouldn't get neglected post baby. The reality is my time is precious now. I've returned back to work full time, so I get up at about 6 am and get ready for work. I've got to get myself showered, dressed and ready... pack my pump, pump parts, cooler bag, my lunch, snacks, water... and remember to eat breakfast and drink a cup of coffee! I always try to "top her off" by nursing her right before I leave! It's a busy and hectic morning for sure! I usually don't get to spend much quality time with her in the mornings unless she's nursing, so as soon as I get home I try to spend every possible second with her AND do my best to cook/eat dinner, before she goes to bed at night.

I'm currently in week 2 of being full time at work, and I'm really starting to feel the emotions. I miss her like crazy, and I'm noticing that I'm rarely with her. That makes me sad. :(

It does make me think things like "I wish I could stay home" and "I wish I could be a stay at home mom", but the reality is I wouldn't be happy at home long term. I'm positive of it. I know many many SAHMs, and most of them become miserable eventually. I know I would too.

So, BF'ing is still going very well. I'm constantly keeping a close eye on my supply, because there's been a lot of changes in our nursing schedule lately. I nurse when I'm with her and pump when I'm away. We went from nursing 10-12 times a day to 8-10 and now only 4-7ish. Scary.

I used to be very OCD about waking her up every 3-4 hrs at night to BF. I started to notice that sometimes when I would wake her, she'd be in such a deep sleep that she'd hardly wake up at all to eat. Then, her naps while I was gone would extend to 4-5 hrs sometimes! So I built up the courage to let her sleep at night and see how long she went. The first night she freaked me out and went 6-7 hrs. Then, the next night nearly 8. Eeeeeck. I felt like this was too long for me to go and not pump. The long stretch of sleep is nice though! Then, last night she woke up every 4 hours, and I'm actually most comfortable with that! :P

I'm still struggling with the sleep/pump/nurse schedule at night. I'm not sure how my supply will react to the long stretch, so we're taking it a day at a time.

Here's a recent picture of Aiyana... 6.5 weeks.

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  1. she looks sooo camera friendly!!!
    love her cute smile