December 5, 2010

Getting used to the idea of having a GIRL...

I know our scan wasn't 100%, so I've kept an open mind, but I've been looking at other u/s videos and pictures and I'm convinced we're having a girl!

Everyone, including myself, was proven wrong! I felt like I was carrying a boy. I guess my intuition isn't off to a good start! It's strange saying "she", but, oh my goodness, was it fun looking at girl stuff at the mall yesterday!! I do have to say I'm positive having a girl will be so much fun... and probably very expensive!!

I'm looking forward to the "Daddy's Girl" and the "Apple of his eye" aspects. I can't wait to see how DH reacts to a baby GIRL!!

I was able to get the video upload online, if you'd like to humor yourself. I apologize for the blurriness. I had to crop the video to exclude my full name, birth date, and doctor's name, and it compromised the quality. :(

1 comment:

  1. Girls are definitely more fun to shop for and dress.
    Boys are completely different in a good way. Lincoln has captured my heart, not that Reagan or McKinley hasn't. Its just that boys grow up, find a nice girl and move away. Girls tend to stay closer to Mom.
    You guys will be great parents!!